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Botika Text To Speech (TTS) is a technology that enables computers to convert text into sounds that humans can hear. Text to Speech Indonesia uses algorithms and pre-programmed voice data to convert text into a natural sounding voice. Each word or phrase in the text will be transformed into a sound that corresponds to the correct pronunciation.

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Voice Over (VO)

“Hai, untuk kamu, yang lagi dengerin iklan ini, jangan lupa minum OKEFIT minuman segar penuh vitamin, untuk hidup lebih sehat.”

Announcement at Mall
(English US)

“Attention, Miss Amanda Putri, please proceed to the exit as your group will continue the journey shortly. Thank you.”

(English UK)

“Good afternoon, Mr. Budi, we would like to inform you that your credit card bill is overdue. Please make the payment promptly. Thank you.”

Voice Over (VO)


Customer Service Queue

“Очередь No 25, г-н Агус, пожалуйста, подойдите к стойке No 2”

Announcement at Mall


Pricing Table

Category Price Calculation
Free Tier up to 1,000 character Free Up to 1,000 characters
Packet 49,000 Character IDR 49,000 Lifetime
Packet 80,000 Character IDR 74,000 Lifetime
Packet 190,000 Character IDR 149,000 Lifetime
Packet Enterprise Call Us Access by API

Note : The number of characters will be equal to or less than the number of bytes represented by the text. This includes alphanumeric characters, dan punctuation. Some character sets use more than one byte for a character. For example, Korean (k) ㅋ characters in UTF-8 typically require more than one byte each. In this case, you are only charged for one character, not multiple bytes.

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