Generation of Chatbot with GPT

Introducing Next Generation of Chatbot with GPT

By combining the Botika Chatbot System (Rule-based Technology and NLP Intent Classification) with Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT), it makes Super Chatbot.

The capabilities of these chatbots can help revolutionize your business with customer service that can understand and respond to customer needs 24/7 in a more personalized and human-like

We offer Artificial Intelligence Assistant That Can Interact In Text and Voice Using Modern Communication Channel

Shipping Chatbot

Sealand Asia Virtual Assistant
Testimoni Sealand

Healthcare Chatbot

ProSehat Virtual Assistant
Testimoni Prosehat

Insurance Chatbot

BRI Insurance Virtual Assistant
Testimoni BRI Insurance


Saya Luna!

Asisten Virtual Botika

Luna sudah menggunakan Teknologi GPT dari Microsoft OpenAi Service

Luna, Asisten Virtual Botika